Welcome to the Mitt Gets Worse Project

Welcome to the Mitt Gets Worse Project! American Bridge 21st Century and Courage Campaign Super PAC have partnered to launch this oral history project and rapid response campaign that aims to educate voters about Mitt Romney’s extreme anti-LGBT agenda.

Romney has earned a reputation as a flip-flopper — changing his positions in whatever direction advances his career. But when it comes to LGBT issues, there’s one thing you can always count on: Mitt Gets Worse.

Year after year, Mitt has moved further and further toward the extreme right. The Mitt Gets Worse campaign is an oral history of Mitt Romney’s efforts to diminish the rights and the freedoms of LGBT Americans, told by supporters, activists, and LGBT advocates that have personally been impacted by Mitt’s anti-equality agenda.

Over the next few weeks, the campaign will be releasing first person accounts of LGBT activists and organizers who have played key roles in this fight.

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