Mitt goes back on his support of domestic partnership benefits

Mitt goes back on his support of
domestic partnership benefits

While running for Senate in 1994, Mitt showed some heart by supporting certain rights such as visitation rights for same-sex couples in hospitals. It didn’t last long — Mitt’s rules famously kept two loving, committed partners apart at the time of their child’s birth.


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Romney Supported Domestic Partnership Benefits For Gay And Lesbian Federal Employees. According to the Boston Globe, “On whether [Romney] supported domestic partner benefits legislation for gay federal employees: ‘I think what Bill Weld has done here in that regard is the right step and moves in the right direction. [Weld granted sick leave and bereavement time to management-level state employees]. I think when people have a commitment to one another, either a heterosexual or homosexuals relationship, that they should have the benefit of visitation rights and leave privileges and things of that nature. The question for me in regards to the health care benefits would be to determine what the cost is, what the implications are, where one would draw the boundaries, how one would define commitment. And those are areas I haven’t studied so I won’t take a position on that. I do support generally the proposition that people in homosexual relationships should not be discriminated against in terms of employment benefits.’” [Boston Globe, 12/8/06]

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