Mitt Gets Worse Releases Statement on LCR Endorsement, Video from Rep. Barney Frank

This morning the Log Cabin Republicans endorsed Mitt Romney for president. Below is a statement from Mitt Gets Worse on their endorsement and a video on the Log Cabin Republicans from Rep. Barney Frank.

Today’s endorsement shows that Log Cabin Republicans are a right-wing conservative organization that happens to have gay staff, rather than an organization dedicated to LGBT equality that supports conservative principles. When one reviews the horribly anti-equality record of Gov. Romney, it pales in comparison to the record of President George W. Bush, whom the Log Cabin Republicans wisely declined to endorse for re-election. Clearly the Log Cabin Republicans were put back in their place by the Republican establishment after that episode, or they never would have seen fit to endorse a candidate who opposes nearly every single item on the agenda for full LGBT equality over a President who is arguably the most pro-equality President in our history. Mitt Gets Worse will not hesitate to point this out over the last two weeks of the campaign.

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